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3rdeye allows you to watch in real time, on your Java enabled mobile phone (not necessarily 3G), the images provided by the video cameras connected to the video server and controls the position of the video cameras (Pan/Tilt/Zoom).

The connection to the video server is made through the Internet, using a GPRS connection (not necessarily, as already stated, a 3G connection; neither a “smart phone”).The received image can be presented both full screen/normal view and has multiple display modes: full frame, 1:2, 1:1 (in this case, the application is designed to have a scroll and an auto detection feature).

The moment a client application connects to the server, it then right away sends the server info regarding the maximum size of the phone's display, so the server automatically adjusts the video images (width x height). Using an advanced technology (developed by Cratima Software), based on a motion detection and tracking proprietary algorithm, the Video Grabbing Server records all the events occured along with the adequate motion images.

All the recorded events can be viewed from the client's 3rdeye mobile phone application.