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Cratima is a Romanian software and web design company that activates both on the local and foreign market, providing its customers with software development services, internet and intranet solutions, web design, graphic design and IT consultancy.

Among the major projects handled by Cratima, we could list the following,

on the local market: LOTTO Romania, Eximtur, Military Publishing House, Sartorom, Tornado 2000, Medical Technologies International, Sana Medical Center, National Customs Authority, National Company for Highways and National Roads, the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs - General Inspectorate of Boundary Police, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology - National Institute for Studies and Communications Research, SC Petrobrazi SA Ploiesti refinery,

while on the foreign market: Utelsys Communications Rembrandt Tower Holland, Presonus, AQR Capital Management, Consumers Security Group Inc - Licensed N.Y.S. Department of State, Reanimate Studios, Americana Interiors, SVIS, Webmatix, UDS, Sonovo Systems, Galaxy Mates, PrinTEZ, Translate Records, HYR DVD Film, BA Insight, The Business Continuity Groups, Simple Meals, Rap-Pos, Golden Sun, True Tracker, Canyon Rim Ranch, ADGas, NetHit Value, M-Tech IT Group, American GumBall Machine, Face2Face Incorporated, GlobStar, Filmi Game, NU Trend Communications, Progual, Quom, 4Kids Publishing, Performance Depot, Jab Enterprises, ENL, Super Ride, Item France, Yemboo Capital, Speed Read America, Metrosys, Kromosoft, Assisting Counsel, ButhSystems, International Bureau of Real Estate, OSX Foundry.